The Konjac Sponge Review

The Body and Facial Sponges I purchased.

I suffered from Eczema and Psoriasis as a child. It was hideous. I remember the baths in Pinetarsol and my mum slathering me in creams to relieve the pain. Luckily it seemed to be a childhood thing and I grew out of it by the time I was about 12/13.

Except, I didn’t. It reared its ugly head again in my mid 20’s and I have been fighting it ever since.

I have tried diet changes, steroid creams, high doses of antibiotics that left me nauseas but I needed to fight the infections I had developed, magic potions and lotions – you name it, I’ve pretty much tried it. I stick to a pretty dairy free diet as I have had that pin pointed as a contributor but I also can’t help the odd cheese or chocolate indulgence. I am always searching for the relief answer, even having my Mirena IUD removed as my new doctor told me it wouldn’t be helping my skin situation.

My worst affected areas are my lower legs and ears. My ears are constantly becoming infected and I have been on many courses of antibiotics. The swelling and infections in my ears has also left me with affected hearing and I have significantly reduced hearing in my left side. So please, always talk to my good side!

As I browsed the Waikato Home and Garden show last week I came across the Konjac Sponges and the lovely lady selling them. She and her sponges promised a world of benefits and I was all in to hear it. Let me first start by praising her selling tactics and her gentleness of them. Not once did I feel forced into trying these. Not once did I feel I could not just say no thank you and walk away. In fact, she went so far as to suggest only buying one sponge and cutting it to be used on my different affected areas instead of having to commit to her 3 show special.

I bought the 3 show special. What can I say, it was a better deal! I walked away with a Lavender body sponge, Lavender facial sponge and a Collagen facial sponge (because I’m all about the anti-aging!). If you are interested you can find the sponges online here and also read the promises of each sponge for yourself.

I have been using the sponges exclusively for the last week. To give them a good go I have ditched the creams and have only been using these sponges. I have used the lavender facial sponge each morning and night gently on my ears and the collagen sponge on my face. I have showered without any soap or body wash on the affected areas of my legs, only using warm water and the Lavender Body Sponge. At the end of my showers I have been turning the tap of and then using the Lavender sponge to gently remove excess water from my legs before pat drying with a towel. And that’s it!

I will honestly continue to use these and will post a two week update next weekend. To me I am seeing a significant difference in the condition of my skin. I am also experiencing less tightness and aggravation of the skin, and my itchiness has reduced somewhat.

You can find the sponges I purchased online at At1 Konjac Sponges. You can also find more information and read about them on their Facebook page.

I have attached my one week results below. I warn you the aren’t pretty so stop scrolling here if you prefer not to see.

Mel x

Top Pic, before. Middle and Bottom, After 1 week.
Before : After week 1
Before : After week 1

4 thoughts on “The Konjac Sponge Review”

  1. Impressive results so far. I hope it’s helping you to feel better. I’m going to be watching next week for your update and I’ve shared this post with a friend who is in the as boat as you are. Thanks for your honest review.


  2. WOW! I can hardly believe my eyes, these are pretty incredible results. I hope that you’ve found the answer to your skin problems! X


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