Introducing Love From Seventeen + GIVEAWAY


I discovered Love From Seventeen almost 12 months ago via their Instagram feed. I was drawn to the simplistic and beautifully crafted home décor pieces they offered and was even more excited when I discovered this to be a homegrown business. Supporting NZ business is always something I will do when possible and supporting Love From Seventeen is too easy when the product is so easy to love.

The affordability of their pieces means that everyone can have a little piece of the latest Scandi inspired plywood trend in their homes. My house is by no means ‘Scandi’ but that doesn’t mean a Love From Seventeen piece isn’t right at home in it. I had the idea of the one off following pieces that we are giving away and Kylie was a dream in making them reality but before we get to the giveaway part I’d love to introduce Kylie in her own words. She has also politely answered my questions that may be of some interest to anyone else considering turning their ideas into a business.

Name Flags by Love From Seventeen

What is your background before launching Love From Seventeen?
Not much has changed since before LF17 except that I very quickly became insanely busy 24/7, but I still work part time as Office Manager in the family company. I love my day job to bits and feel pretty blessed that I get to do both things I love, plus be Mum & Wife to best wee crew I could have ever asked for.  So before LF17 I watched a lot more Netflix I guess you could say haha. Oh and had a lot less style, Instagram is amazing! And by trade I’m actually a qualified Journalist!

Everyone loves to know the story behind the name. Is there a reason behind yours? It actually came to me really quickly when I was playing with words, both girls were born on the seventeenth and it’s my love for them that got me off my butt to do this and there it was: Love from Seventeen. 

Where does you inspiration come from? My inspiration comes from everywhere, I sleep with a notepad next to my bed as the best ideas always hit me just before I’m going to sleep and my minds going a million miles a minute, usually it’s some sort saying that I’ve fallen in love with, or a hole on my wall at home that needs something on lol. Sometimes even custom work from customers get the mind going too!

It is a competitive market that you’re in, how do you strive for originality and stay ahead? I have learnt very very quickly since starting that you can’t compete with anyone but yourself, do yourself, do what you love and do it bloody good. Each and everyone of my beautiful customers help to build this wee pipe dream and keep it real; if they keep coming back I must be doing something right haha. I honestly hope I’m doing this forever, I am having the best time and meeting the most incredible people X did I actually even answer that question? To be honest I’m just me! 


Cake Topper and Wand by Love From Seventeen

If you could offer any tips and advice to anyone considering launching their own business, what would they be? If you’re thinking/planning/dreaming of starting your own business – just DO it! Do your research etc and get yourself set up, but most importantly just be you. I asked so many questions starting up and approached quite a few big Insta names in NZ to help me get my feet off the ground and while a lot never even replied, those that did have helped get me to where I am today and some I even call friends now! There is so many gorgeous and down to earth mummy makers out here that are willing to give a helping hand, so just start, make it happen!

Business life and home life can be a juggling act, how do you take time to relax? My husband quite often tells me I don’t know how to relax, I’m always doing something but I love wine, and putting my feet up watching crap I’ve mysky’d (in peace too please). And online shopping is also strangely relaxing haha.
Social media preference, Instagram or Facebook, and why? Hmmmmmm, Facebook vs. Insta. Facebook is so, so hard at times to get your posts actually seen, yet is a lot easier way to grow your following from a business perspective, but Insta just seems easier, and I love scrolling through photos! You also kind of have a small window for your post to be seen before it’s lost in a feed. So, 50/50.
Lastly, where do you hope to see Love From Seventeen in 5 years time? In 5 years time I hope we’ve grown, new designs and new adventures and just still enjoying it! I don’t really know where it’ll be and I kinda love that! 


Custom made name piece by Love From Seventeen

Love From Seventeen can be found on Facebook, Instagram and their Website.


To WIN one of the above one off pieces simply ‘Like’ both Love From Seventeen and Miss & Trilly  on Facebook and let us know which one you prefer in the comments on Miss & Trilly’s page. Easy!

You can double your chances by entering on Instagram too!

Giveaway will close on Friday 19th February at 8pm and Winners will be announced on our Facebook page on Monday 22nd February. Open to NZ and Australian residents only.

Mel x
UPDATE: Giveaway closed. 




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