Capsule Wardrobe: My Girls Mix ‘n’ Match Picks for Autumn + GIVEAWAY

The internet tells me the definition of a Capsule Wardrobe is as follows;

‘….a capsule wardrobe is a collection of a few essential items of clothing that don’t go out of fashion, such as skirts, trousers, and coats, which can then be augmented with seasonal pieces.’

I am seeing talks and discussions about capsule wardrobes and minimizing our lives in general all over social media at the moment. There are groups dedicated to the movement of minimalism. They offer insight and advice about thinking more about what we add to our lives and wardrobes, about buying less, and planning our purchases rather than buying impulsively.

A Capsule Wardrobe to me as an adult is about clothes in colours that compliment my complexion, flatter my body shape, work in with the ‘on trend’ pieces I will buy and only wear for a season but most importantly pieces I love and will continue to reach for year after year.

For my girls a Capsule Wardrobe is more basic. Long sleeves and pants for the cooler months, shorts and tees for the warmer months, a special occasion dress, a warm jacket for winter and a light cardi for summer nights etc. I don’t mind if they are ‘on trend’ or ‘classic’ because by next year we need to start again in new sizes anyway but for that reason alone I need the options to be affordable. I just want my girls to put on their clothing and love them. I want them to put them on and be confident. I want them to wear them and be happy.

I am far past the stage of laying my children’s clothes out for them the night before, they probably wouldn’t wear my choices anyway! My girls are at an age where what they choose to wear is a part of their personality. A way they display themselves to the world and let their inner selves shine through.  I love how they are both so different yet so determined in their style so with my list of capsule basics, they refilled their Autumn wardrobe their way!


Long Pants (Skinny Slash Jeans $19)-Tick!  Tran-seasonal Cardi ( Longline Knit Hoodie Cardigan $25)-Tick!



I’m an absolute sucker for a little Matchy Matchy and a snuggly hoodie is a wardrobe must for my two. Miss wears Pull Over Hoodie Grey Marle (8-16) $15 and Skinny Slash Jeans. Trilly wears Pull Over Hoodie Light Grey (3-7) $12 and 7/8 All Over Print Leggings Light Pink $8


Trilly is all about pink and unicorns so when she saw these it was love at first sight. Ticking my boxes for cozy pants (All Over Print Jogger Fit Trackpants Light Pink $12) and long sleeve (Long Sleeve Front Print Tee $5).


Fun Long Sleeve Tees and Jeans are their go to for cooler months as well as mine! Trilly wears Long Sleeve Front Print Tee $5 and Boyfriend Patch Jeans $15. Miss wears Long Sleeve Front Print Tee $6 and Stretch Jeggings with Pocket $17.

2Hello Throwback to my childhood! Miss wears it with more spunk than I ever did though. Maybe she’ll start collecting iron on patches like I did? She definitely loves this get up! Jeans: Skinny Badge Jeans $25 Tee: Crew Neck Badge Tee $15.


And, I may have slipped in a little something for me because it ticked my points too.


‘Mum Uniform’ on point! I’m a big blush pink fan and adore a comfy yet cute pair of flats. Jeans: Amco Women’s Plain Skinny Jeans $25 Knit: Garage Lace Up Back Jumper $25 Flats: Debut Enzoi Ballet Flats $25.

* ENTER TO WIN*: All parents can appreciate a little extra so simply let me know below what you’d put a $50 The Warehouse voucher towards and it could be all yours! 

This post has been sponsored by The Warehouse. All opinions are my own.

177 thoughts on “Capsule Wardrobe: My Girls Mix ‘n’ Match Picks for Autumn + GIVEAWAY”

  1. My daughter has wanted a denim jacket for ages so I would put the voucher towards that and maybe something for myself.. Love those ballet flats!


  2. I would put it towards that unicorn 🦄 tee for my daughter it’s gorgeous, something for my new wee baby man, and then something for myself 😍


  3. totally would buy those flats! Love them, and maybe a couple more things for the kids, great clothing ata an afordable price!


  4. Ooh, I would generously share it between myself and my little man. I am now thinking I ‘need’ those shoes you bought…


  5. Oh exciting , I would take both my girls with me and let them pick somthing for 25 each so it’s fair. 😁


  6. I would head straight down and get some of these gorgeous items your girls have picked for my Daughter as her birthday is coming up and she has had a growth spurt so defo in need of new gears! love all yours and your daughters choices!


  7. I would be it towards an outfit for myself as always purchase for the children first, then I just make do.


  8. I would gift this to my beautiful big sister who has just welcomed the arrival of a gorgeous baby girl. She could splash out on a few things for herself and she deserves to be spoiled xo


  9. Honestly I need a pair of jeans for winter and normally I’d put what I need to the bottom of the list… this would be awesome so I can get something for myself for once!


  10. Love the girls picks 👌 I would use the $50 for my kids. After seeing some of the new clothes for girls I’ld put it towards some new winter threads for my 8 year old girl and something for 9 year okd boy too.


  11. I would love a voucher to spend on myself. I am in serious need of a new wardrobe as I also put the kids needs before my own.


  12. I thought my nearly 2 1/2 year old girl still had plenty of warmer clothes that would still fit this year until I went through her drawers last week. Boy was I wrong. This would be great for more long pants and long sleeved tops.


  13. I’d definitely stock up on toddler sized thermals, gumboots and a waterproof jacket, Miss Blake (18 months) has just discovered the pure joy and fun of muddy puddles! The inner neat freak in me died inside the first time but seeing the absolute elation on her beautiful wee face completely changed my mindset, this winter we are puddle seeking adventurers, we shall roam this city looking for muddy fun 💙


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