Christmases With Santa Line – From One Generation To The Next

Growing up, my Christmases were a wee bit different to the ones my kids enjoy.

I am the oldest of eight children and trust me, we never lacked in love or happiness, but sometimes Christmas was a little less than the years before. The funny thing is though, as I’ve gotten older and recalled to my mum the Christmases I remember most – they are the ones where she thought we had the least.

There was the Christmas my sisters and I got cat food in our Santa sacks and nothing else. We were disappointed but amused. It also took us a lot longer than Mum thought it would to find the kittens hiding. Mum had adopted us two kittens to share because they were free to a good home. Those free kittens and a couple of cans of jellymeat are one of my favourite Christmas memories.

One of the other things I’ll always remember fondly is sneaking into the pantry with the house phone and ringing the 0800 222 222 Santa line. Our giggles always gave us away, that and the fact the phone back then had a cord on it which led right to our hiding place. That Santa line was so magical that we would start ringing from the beginning of November in the hopes Santa would pick up.

This year, the Santa line has stepped up. Technology definitely has its place in being able to add to the magic of Christmas for kids, and the new Naughty or Nice Report is fastly becoming a favourite with my two. They love moving the naughty or nice slider for each other and crack up if one says the other has been ‘naughty’.

Hands down, their favourite part though is the messages from Santa. Trilly is sold that it is indeed Santa right there talking to her and she may not admit it, but I’ve caught Miss on the site when she didn’t think I was looking too.

It’s just like my memories of the Santa line, only new and better.

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