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DIY Bathroom Makeover With Vinyl Home

When Katja from Vinyl Home asked if we’d be interested in a collab featuring her products I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I had already spotted her new pink Metro Ava tile and after recently lusting over pink bath tubs I knew exactly where I’d use them. I was going to transform the girls bathroom, with the help of Jase, of course.

Before: The girls bathroom

We have previously bought and used the hex vinyl tiles from Vinyl Home in Poppy our caravan so we knew the product well and we plan to use them again in Lola (our new caravan project) – that’s how much we love them.

Hexagon Vinyl Tiles in Poppy the Caravan.

The vinyl tiles are one of the easiest DIY products we’ve come across. Super easy to apply and completely removable making them a great idea for those on trend ideas that you just have to try. A pink bath may not be my dream tub forever after all. They are a perfect option for renters wanting to put their own stamp on a place too.

The tiles require minimal tools to install and the biggest tip I have is the old ‘measure twice, cut once.’ It’s a bit like a jigsaw puzzle fitting the tile sheets together so you want to waste as little as possible. The inbuilt overlap section makes the tiles a breeze to line up. You can’t really go wrong!

The overlap section of the tiles that makes lining up each sheet a breeze
Tools required. I’d also recommend a board to cut on. We used a thick chopping board (not pictured)

We used 3x 12packs for our bath and it only took us a couple of hours but the difference in the girls bathroom is huge! Nothing like some colour to transform a room!

This is a collab post, we were gifted the Vinyl Tiles but like I said we are also customers because if you truly love a product – of course you’ll buy it!



Katja has given me a discount code to offer anyone wanted to try her DIY products for the first time. MISSTRILLY gives you 5% off your first order or there’s an affiliate link – which also gives you 5% off your orders.

I also have a $50 Vinyl Home voucher to giveaway over on my Facebook page.

Mel x

Lilliputt Fun Zone


Jase and I love a good family date night with the girls and sometimes on a Friday night we want just that. Dinner out, a couple of drinks for us and then some family fun with the kids for them.

Our girls have reached an age now where a trip out entertaining them requires more than a trip to Lollipops – bless Lollipops as the rainy day saver of years gone by but I’m pretty glad we’ve moved on.

We are regulars at 10 pin bowling and there’s only so many kids movies I can sit through, we need something NEW! So we were super excited to be invited to check out the new Lilliput Funzone in Hamilton. Most people will know Lilliputt for it’s fabulous indoor mini putt golf course, it has three! But what a lot of people won’t know is that Lilliputt has had an expansion and make over, and now offers not only mini putt but also laser tag and the very new VR (Virtual Reality) experience.

We let the kids choose what we hit first and headed into the Laser Tag arena. Jase had never played Laser Tag before so it was new for most of us. The girls were immediately thrilled with the neon lights amongst the darkness and paid close attention to the safety video. We played a teams match first and it was Jase and I versus Miss & Trilly, I don’t mean to brag but we totally nailed them. Hah! We also gave the every man for themselves scenario a go and I think we could have left after just that and called it a fab night. Girls loved it, we had a great time – everyone wins!

If you are apprehensive about the whole VR thing like I was then you have to give it go. I didn’t think I’d be a fan at all and couldn’t understand the fuss but I’m converted. Lilliputt currently has 4 games available on their VR set up with many more on their way. We gave fighting Robots a run for their money and then enjoyed a family snow fight. It was a bit of giggle to watch people do it because you can’t see what they see but it’s too fun too worry about how you look to the ‘outside’ world. The girls talked about it all the way home.

Finishing our night with a putt around the ever popular mini golf course was perfect. Just what we needed to slow down and cool off. The other two activities definitely raise the heart rate and are a super fun work out, bonus. All up we spent over two hours there and had the best family date night in a long time, the girls are asking when we can go back already and we will definitely be heading back to kill some rainy days in the future.

Lilliputt also offers two party rooms for booking, a lounge area with board games for sale and an arcade area.

If you’re looking for somewhere new to go for date night, with the kids or not, I highly recommend a visit to Lilliputt Funzone and having a play yourself! Ask for Kenny and you will be well looked after.

M x


Lilliputt Funzone is located on Level 1, Centre Place, 65 Bryce Street, Hamilton.

Ph. 07 834 0578

Christmases With Santa Line – From One Generation To The Next

Growing up, my Christmases were a wee bit different to the ones my kids enjoy.

I am the oldest of eight children and trust me, we never lacked in love or happiness, but sometimes Christmas was a little less than the years before. The funny thing is though, as I’ve gotten older and recalled to my mum the Christmases I remember most – they are the ones where she thought we had the least.

There was the Christmas my sisters and I got cat food in our Santa sacks and nothing else. We were disappointed but amused. It also took us a lot longer than Mum thought it would to find the kittens hiding. Mum had adopted us two kittens to share because they were free to a good home. Those free kittens and a couple of cans of jellymeat are one of my favourite Christmas memories.

One of the other things I’ll always remember fondly is sneaking into the pantry with the house phone and ringing the 0800 222 222 Santa line. Our giggles always gave us away, that and the fact the phone back then had a cord on it which led right to our hiding place. That Santa line was so magical that we would start ringing from the beginning of November in the hopes Santa would pick up.

This year, the Santa line has stepped up. Technology definitely has its place in being able to add to the magic of Christmas for kids, and the new Naughty or Nice Report is fastly becoming a favourite with my two. They love moving the naughty or nice slider for each other and crack up if one says the other has been ‘naughty’.

Hands down, their favourite part though is the messages from Santa. Trilly is sold that it is indeed Santa right there talking to her and she may not admit it, but I’ve caught Miss on the site when she didn’t think I was looking too.

It’s just like my memories of the Santa line, only new and better.

This post is sponsored by Spark NZ

Our Project Poppy

Some of my favourite summer memories involve our camping holidays as a child. I loved the tradition of packing up each year and heading to the beach but as I got older I hated the idea of pitching a tent and that’s where the urge to buy a caravan came from.

I have wanted a caravan for years! The idea of being able to afford our own beach bach just isn’t realistic at the moment but a caravan and a bit of hard work was. The hardest part was finding a caravan we wanted to renovate. I scrolled Trade Me for months, a whole year actually, before coming across Poppy in her glory. Poppy is a Liteweight Silvermist 14.6ft (4.5m). She wasn’t much on the inside but she was roadworthy, weather tight and had potential. We did use her for a week away as she was and then Project Poppy got under way.

We wanted to start with a clean slate so the first thing we did is completely gut the inside down to the frame. We did save a few things such as the original brass trimming and a couple of the wall panels. Once down to a bare frame Jase made any repairs needed to the chassis which lucky for us was only some minor welding. Then he laid a new plywood (18mm) floor.

We are all about comfort around here so we pink batted Poppy before starting on her new wall panels. We replaced the wall panels with plywood (9mm) and Jase sealed them with epoxy resin to keep them moisture proof. Poppy started to look a bit like a patchwork quilt because a couple of the panels were thicker for added strength. The new ceiling is MDF (5mm) board, also resin sealed to keep it moisture proof. We were very conscious of the weight we were putting back in to the caravan for obvious reasons.

I had a floorplan in mind right from the start which isn’t dissimilar to what we started with because after using it for that week we realised it worked so why not stick with it, but imporve it. We tweeked the dimensions a bit and then built the new framework for the bench seats, kitchen, storage and the girls bunks to our new measurements. We have such a small space we didnt want to waste any so we extended the bench over the fridge which also meant increasing the height, overall I hands down prefer the new layout. I wanted the curves of the bunks to mirror the curves in the overhead lockers and we added a ladder to help access the top bunk. Jase then fibreglassed the floor joins and any where the cabinetry or walls met the floor. He filled all the wall joins with epoxy filler and sanded to ensure a seamless finish. We also saved the original overhead lockers so he repaired all the knocks and bumps on those too.

The next step was probably he most work. Prime then sand, sand and sand some more! Jase sprayed Poppy’s interior with an Altex  epoxy paint and primer. You don’t have to use a paint like this but Jase is a boat builder by trade and used his knowledge there to chose the paint. He wanted a shiny finish, easy maintenance and long term durability. It’s definitely shiny and super easy to clean so I’m not complaining! Once painted we had Flooring Xtra come in to install our flooring. After meeting with the consultant at our local Flooring Xtra I chose LIVYN Balance Click LVT in Drift Oak Beige.

Paint and floors make a heck of a difference because Poppy was starting to look like a caravan again! We finished the ceiling by reinstalling the original brass trimming and then started on the kitchen. Poppy’s kitchen includes a laminated oak worktop that Jase resin sealed and new sink, both from Bunnings. The gold tap is a Meir Bronze Tiger tap from The Kitchen Hub and the splashback is adhesive vinyl tiles from Vinyl Home.

The last ‘big’ job was making and paint the kitchen, storage and locker fronts then putting them all in. Putting slats on the top bunk was pretty important too. Once those jobs got done I got to do some fun stuff like decorate and vinyl cover the fridge to match (Poppy came with a fridge so we just spruced it up to match). All the decorative elements have been sitting in our spare lounge for weeks now so I was dying to get them in there.

I didn’t want to compromise on bed sizes so the girls bunks are both proper singles and the bench seats convert into our full sized queen bed. I bought a queen size mattress and then cut it down to the bench sizes and Just Sew made the new upholstery covers to fit. I bought curtain fabric and made the curtains and put them up with curtain wire. I couldn’t find cushions I wanted so also made those. The kitchen handles are water resistant leather from Lewis and Lou. The overhead lockers are brass lever handles. We will eventually add a table but so far we have achieved all this in two months and now have her maiden voyage booked!

I promised a cost/price break down so I’ve also included suppliers where I can below. After discussion with Jase I wont disclose what we bought Poppy for in case we want to sell her in the future. What I can’t put a price on is the time and work we have put in, especially Jase, it has definitely been a project of love and I can’t wait to spend our summers in her.

Price Breakdown:

Timber, plywood and materials – $800 approx.

Paint and primer (interior) – $650

Pink batts – $40

Sink – $149.99 (from Bunnings)

Benchtop – $125.78 ( from Bunnings)

Flooring (installed) – $865 (from Flooring Xtra)

Upholstery Covers – $344.50 (from Just Sew)

Vinyl Tiles (splashback) – $158.00 (from Vinyl Home)

Tapware – $599.00 from The Kitchen Hub)

Leather Handles – $41.85 (from Lewis & Lou)

Queen foam mattress/bench squabs – $160 (from The Warehouse)

Single Mattresses x2 – $158 (from The Warehouse)

Hinges/window stays/hinges – $100 approx

Wall lights – $72 (from Mitre 10)

Electrical components for rewire – $500 approx (labour free thanks to an electrician brother in law)

Vinyl for Fridge – $47 (from Vinyl Home)

Curtains and curtain wires – $75 approx. (fabric from Spotlight)

APPROX COST: $4386.12

Decorative details:

Wall hanging – Wool & Thread

Our duvet, girls spotty sheets, mirror, green throw blanket – The Warehouse

Girls throw blankets – Izzy & Jean

Poppy name plaque – Love From Seventeen

Cushions – Made by me

A Photo Story – Casual Maternity Shoot

When you have your mind set on an outdoor location shoot but the weather doesn’t play the game there is only one thing to do, make it work inside.

Luckily the lovely expectant mother was my sister because I’m not sure how many mothers to be would have been impressed with my makeshift ‘studio’ which essentially involved moving our bed to the white wall in my bedroom and borrowing the big kids white duvet. Magic I tell ya! hah!

At least it was casual and relaxed just like Haley and therefore means the end result is photos that truly reflect her pregnancy. She looks content, comfortable and ready to welcome my new nephew which is a beautiful sight at 37 weeks pregnant.



Black and Champagne Maternity Gowns from Jo Kidd Couture.

Fiji | Twenty Seventeen

‘Good things come to those who wait’

That’s what we have been telling Miss for 5 years about going to Fiji. Her obsession started when Jase and I went to Fiji without her those 5 years ago.

We did take the girls to Australia in 2014 so it wasn’t her first ‘big’ trip but bless her patience and her Fiji dreams, she finally got there.

We stayed 7 nights at The Warwick Resort on the Coral Coast. I googled the crap out of it and took on people’s advice and recommendations before booking it after previously staying at The Sofitel on Denarau. I needed something slightly more affordable than our previous stay due to doubling our numbers and taking the girls with us. I also wanted somewhere with easy access to a fab beach as well as the resort facilities, which the Denarau resorts do lack.

We had a fantastic holiday! Weather wasn’t a complete 8 days of tropical paradise but the rain didn’t really put us off. Kids were busy getting wet swimming anyway. I do have a wee bit of feedback on our resort pick that others may want to take into consideration as follows.

The Warwick is a beautiful well presented resort. The rooms while cozy are sufficiently comfortable. Our room had a queen bed and two singles. We were an ocean view room that conveniently opened out to the family pool. The bathrooms have been well used and while clean are a little run down but that didn’t bother us at all. The restaurant options (there’s 3 plus the buffet and room service in the evening. Also a grill restaurant by the pool is available during the day) are well catered for and the standard of food was great. The breakfast buffet was amazing! The kids eat free deal includes a kids buffet lunch and while the combinations were sometimes interesting the girls always ate and did not really complain at all. Being able to feed them from the buffet at night was fantastic as the options were vast and we would usually have dinner later after dropping them at the evening kids club session. Kids Club was fantastic! Our girls did not spend every day there but liked to read the days session in the morning and chose what they’d like to attend, the kids kitchen session being a highlight. Trilly also won the disco dance off which had her floating on air for a couple of days.

Fiji is known for the friendliness of the people and unfortunately we didn’t always feel that at The Warwick. The staff were very quiet and didn’t really engage in anything extra. No offers for drinks by the pool or extra conversation while waiting for your orders. Miss cut her foot and needed it cleaned up and the lady did an amazing job but never actually spoke a word to us. I did miss the friendliness of previous trips.

Alcohol prices were taking the piss! Our friend ordered a double Baileys on the rocks and was stung $48FJD, while his wife’s single shot Barcardi was $23FJD. Even a can of coke was $8FJD! It was the talk of the pool how ludicrous the prices were but you either sucked it up or didn’t drink. Jase and I grabbed some duty free on our way in so I hit up the mocktail list at a more affordable $12FJD and went back to our room to add my poison. (Lucky our room was right by the pool! hah!).

If you walk down the beach just passed the resort you will find some local ladies running ‘shops’. They sold big bottles of coke for $7FJD so Jase headed there for his bourbon mixer. Wander another 100m or so further down and Maggie’s Grocery Shop will hook you up cans or stubbies of beer for half the resort prices. Worth the walk. The local ladies also braided the kids hair for a more affordable price. Just be aware they’ll try to sell you anything and everything.

The travel time to The Warwick is another 2hrs from the airport. The transfer bus is pretty comfortable but it does make for a long trip for younger kids. The trip did allow the kids to experience a bit of culture shock as they saw how locals live and how different it is to home. We also unfortunately never saw any of the cultural shows they offered due to the rainy weather.

The water equipment available was perfect. It was nice to be able to take the kids kayaking or have them give paddle boarding a go. The snorkel equipment was sufficient and easily available. Life jackets are well loved but there are enough to go round and do the job fine. The family pool (there’s also an adults only pool) has the addition of the swim up bar and the kids spent the days going from beach to pool and back again. I honestly wish people wouldn’t put their towels on a lounger at the ass crack of dawn and then not come back to it for hours though. We just placed their towels to the side if they hadn’t been there for more than an hour and took their seats. Sharing is caring and all that!

We did take the kids on a village culture tour and snorkelling trip to Robinson Crusoe Island (we went on the Village and Crab Catching Tour) and recommend the day out. The guides were amazing and Trilly won the crab race which was a bit of a laugh. It was a great way to spend a day and while Jase and Miss went out snorkelling near the reef Trilly and I went swimming. The fish you can see straight off the beach are amazing and Trilly loved being able to swim with them.

We flew Fiji Airways for the first time and have no complaints. We would definitely fly with them again, especially for affordability.

We had a great holiday! The girls want to go back already, of course, but if I’m being completely honest I’m not sure if I’d stay at The Warwick again. Not because it was awful (it’s definitely not) but because there are so many similar resorts that it’s nice to try new ones. We also think we would spend a bit more and venture to one of the other islands, or even back to Denerau.

Huge Thanks to Lisa from Mondo Travel Waikato for being amazing! I’ve never used a travel broker before but now I don’t think I’ll travel without Lisa’s help.

Mel x

PS. We actually think we may do Bali next! Or plan a mega trip instead.


Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. Your experiences may be different to mine and that’s fine. Just an honest reflection on our trip.


Miss Turns 10

Birthdays are always special in our house and we normally celebrate them by doing something together as a family but every so often a ‘big’ birthday comes along and I allow myself to go a little overboard. As a rule I let loose on the 1st, 5th and 10th birthdays. I also plan to go a wee bit extra for 13th, 16th, 18th and the 21st.

Miss wanted to celebrate her 10th with her first sleepover party. Until now we have generally only had the cousins stay so she was very excited. I am patting myself on the back because I reckon I delivered.

All suppliers are listed at the end.

Mel x




Sleepover Tents (buntings, lighting and bedding included): Sleepovers – Best Kids Party  Ever

Cake: Made With Love, Baking

Personalised cake topper: Love From Seventeen

Tableware supplies (including balloons): Pop Roc Parties

Stationery on bed trays: Kmart

Drink dispenser: The Warehouse


Meet The Maker – Liberty Lane


Remember that time I used to make Ruffles?

When I first started sewing again I was approached by a lovely lady who offered to share my Ruffles on her blog for me. She didn’t know me but she liked my product and kindly offered to help me out as I was slowly building my name and business. That lovely lady was Rebecca and Rebecca now has an amazing business of her own called Liberty Lane making personalised fabric bracelets, and I want to return the kind favour.

Rebecca’s bracelets come in a variety of beautiful fabrics making them unique and soft to wear, especially for children. She offers the addition of sterling silver beads and personalised hearts. A unique and special piece for children and adults alike.

Rebecca has also answered a few question for me about her new business venture and if you have been a long time handcrafted fan you may remember Rebecca’s previous venture which was Millirose hair accessories. Many years ago Rebecca made some special pieces for me for Trilly’s very first birthday!


Everyone loves to know the story behind the name. Is there a reason behind yours?
The name Liberty Lane came from many hours of thought and ideas. I wanted to use the word Liberty (as this is name of the fabric range I use for my bracelets) so that was a given. We happen to live up a Lane, so I thought it was fitting to use both together.
What is your inspiration behind the business?
The main inspiration for starting my business is a combination of the love of making/designing something pretty and the love of starting something out of nothing. I really enjoy building on a small idea until it is ready to make, launch and market. I guess my friends and family would say I have an entrepreneurial spirit!  
What is your background before launching Liberty Lane?
Well, at the end of this month, I will be celebrating 10 years as a stay at home Mum. I really cannot believe it has been that long! During those 10 years, I have always had a small business to work on that is just mine. It gives me a way of using my creativity and business brain alongside enjoying bringing up my children.
If you weren’t doing this right now, what would you be doing instead?
‘Work wise’ I am actually really loving the challenge of photographing my products for EtsyFacebook and Instagram and I would be keen to explore that more.
‘Play wise’ I would be at the beach in the sun with my family!
What tips can you offer to anyone considering launching their own business?
* Research and as boring as it sounds, make a plan, that way if it gets tough you have that plan and inspiration to fall back on.
* Team up with someone who is on the same page as you are
* Only listen to those who will encourage and inspire you
Dream it, Plan it, Do it!
Business life and home life can be a juggling act, how do you take time to relax?
It sure can be a juggle! I think us Mums learn how to be very clever in our use of time. I like to be extremely organised and take moments to relax as I can. I seem to be very good at grabbing a second now and then and making the most of it. I read a lot to my kids and I find this really relaxing. I also like to fit in a run when I can as this gives me time to plan, think and de-stress.
Do you have a favourite product of your own from your range?
I have really grown to adore hand stamping and so my favourite would be the wrap bracelets with the sterling silver hand stamped hearts. I love how the hand stamping really personalises the bracelet and makes each piece special.
Where do you see Liberty Lane in 5 years time?
I would love to be still making Liberty bracelets in 5 years time. The Liberty fabric ranges are timeless and I can imagine I will be doing this for a good long while. I have a love for floral prints and sterling silver and combining the both has been my dream!
Don’t forget you can find Liberty Lane on Facebook, Etsy and Instagram.
>> G I V E A W AY <<
Head to our Facebook Page and find the picture below to enter to win your own personalised Liberty Lane Bracelet.
NB: Giveaway opened to New Zealand residents only.

How To Make Your Own Canopy In 10 Minutes


Ever since I posted a picture of Miss’s room a few people asked where the canopy over her bed was from and since I made it myself I promised an easy tutorial on how you can too, and it honestly takes 10 minutes.

You will need a sheer curtain, Pom Pom trim (4m / optional), a length of dowel and rope to hang


I used this sheer curtain from The Warehouse. I find the size works well and you would not want to use one any smaller as you will be halving the width of it. My Pom Pom trim is from NZ Craft Products online and you don’t have to add a trim but I’m a fancy tart so I like the little extra detail. I chose hemp rope for hanging which I found at Bunnings (in the plumbing section). You will need a length of 20-25mm dowel depending on the pocket of your canopy. I bought a whole length and cut it to size, mine is 68cm long.


You will also need a sewing machine and white cotton.

Sew along the arrows to create your pocket

To start remove tags from curtain! Then fold your curtain in half width wise. Your curtain tape will still be at the top and your hem is already done for you at the bottom. Straight stitch along the top and bottom of the curtain tape (see arrows) to create your pocket to hang your canopy.

Snip a hole at the fold

You need to snip a hole at the fold to allow your dowel to thread through. Don’t worry about the untidiness, no one will see it. Snip between the two line of straight stitch, careful not to snip your stitching.

You could skip the next step of adding the trim and finish off your canopy here if you like, just skip to the end steps.

Add your chosen trim, mine is Pom poms, along the open edges of the canopy. Make sure you don’t stitch your pocket closed!

Thread your canopy onto the dowel through the pocket. Evenly space out the gathering and attach your rope or ribbon to hang.


I have added a custom made feather mobile from OOAK Designs NZ and some seed lights from Kmart to Miss’s.

Easter : Beyond the Chocolate Gift Ideas

Our Easter is full of traditions. Mainly family focused traditions but it is one of those holidays I love to celebrate.

Our girls go to a Catholic school and I do enjoy the fact that they are taught Easter is about more than just chocolate but that’s not to say our Easter doesn’t feature a lot of this also. We celebrate with a big lunch every year at my in laws which includes an egg hunt to rival many others. It is an absolute chocolate overload, and I bloody love it. I’m actually a wee bit disappointed to miss it this year in favour of cocktails on a boat, just a wee bit.

While the Easter egg hunt tradition is drawn from my husbands side, growing up in my house we celebrated Easter minus the chocolate. It was an extra cost that wasn’t afforded in our house but with 7 siblings it wasn’t missed. I think we just enjoyed the days of school and the ability to band together to cause terror at home, and hot cross buns with butter for breakfast.  I do remember being pretty pleased if we scored a pack of caramel cuties to share and a fluffy yellow chick.

I like the idea of combining our experiences for our girls and including a wee gift or keepsake that isn’t chocolate based every now and again. One year we got our own special egg cups each. Our beliefs do not have to be your beliefs but with Easter just round the corner I thought it would be nice to show you all a few Easter cuties that aren’t chocolate.

Dress Ups and Fun:

Bunny Helmet Covers, Umbrella, Dress Up Sets, Gift Card and Bag from Cotton On. Grey Bunny Mask from Mini Made NZ


Bunny Helmet Covers, Umbrella, Dress Up Sets, Gift Card and Bag from Cotton On

Mini Made NZ Grey Bunny Mask available HERE

Toys and Collectibles:

Clockwise from Top Left: Claire LeBlonde Bunny Dolls, Velour Bunny Hoods by Gallop Handcrafted, Easter edition Dolls by Fiveplus5, Limited edition Itsybel Bunny Dolls, Bunny Peg Dolls handmade by KP Designs.

Claire LeBlonde Designs Heirloom Bunny Dolls available from her Website

Gallop Handcrafted Velour Bunny hoods available from her Facebook Page

Fiveplus5 Easter Edition Dolls available HERE

Itsybel Dolls by Catherine of Burrow and Be are a gorgeous wee creative side project for Catherine and available through contacting on Facebook or Instagram.

KP Designs Bunny Peg Dolls are all hand painted and available on their Website



Clothes and Accessories:

Left: Owl & Monkey Tees. Top Right: Mox. Tees and Onesies. Bottom Right: Willow Boutique Pj’s


Owl & Monkey  Tees and Onesies, available for preorder HERE

MOX. Easter Edition Onesies and Tees. Onesies available HERE and Tees HERE.

Willow Boutique PJ’s Available HERE.

Clockwise From Top Left: Cute Girly Things Easter Gift Sets, Silver Pendant from KJ Designs, Ess & Elle Hair ties trio, Arch N Ollie Bunny ears from Jaxon Rose and KatyB Jewellery Bunny Necklace.


Cute Girl Things Easter gift sets available HERE.

KJ Designs silver pendant available via their Website.

Ess & Elle hair tie trio available on their Website.

Arch n Ollie Lace Bunny Ears available from Jaxon Rose Store.

KatyB Jewellery Bunny necklace available HERE.

For The Hunt:

Top: Hunt Bags from Just Sew. Bottom: Personalised Easter bags from Willow Boutique and Bunny markers from Love From Seventeen

Just Sew hunt bags available HERE

Willow Boutique personalised Easter bags available HERE

Love From Seventeen bunny markers available HERE

For The Table:

Bunny Straw Decorations from Love From Seventeen. Plate and Cup from Pop Roc Parties

Love From Seventeen Bunny straw decorations available HERE

Pop Roc Parties Easter Tableware available HERE


There is so many more things I could include but this is just a snippet from a few of our favourite stores and handmaidens.

Mel x