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DIY Bathroom Makeover With Vinyl Home

When Katja from Vinyl Home asked if we’d be interested in a collab featuring her products I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I had already spotted her new pink Metro Ava tile and after recently lusting over pink bath tubs I knew exactly where I’d use them. I was going to transform the girls bathroom, with the help of Jase, of course.

Before: The girls bathroom

We have previously bought and used the hex vinyl tiles from Vinyl Home in Poppy our caravan so we knew the product well and we plan to use them again in Lola (our new caravan project) – that’s how much we love them.

Hexagon Vinyl Tiles in Poppy the Caravan.

The vinyl tiles are one of the easiest DIY products we’ve come across. Super easy to apply and completely removable making them a great idea for those on trend ideas that you just have to try. A pink bath may not be my dream tub forever after all. They are a perfect option for renters wanting to put their own stamp on a place too.

The tiles require minimal tools to install and the biggest tip I have is the old ‘measure twice, cut once.’ It’s a bit like a jigsaw puzzle fitting the tile sheets together so you want to waste as little as possible. The inbuilt overlap section makes the tiles a breeze to line up. You can’t really go wrong!

The overlap section of the tiles that makes lining up each sheet a breeze
Tools required. I’d also recommend a board to cut on. We used a thick chopping board (not pictured)

We used 3x 12packs for our bath and it only took us a couple of hours but the difference in the girls bathroom is huge! Nothing like some colour to transform a room!

This is a collab post, we were gifted the Vinyl Tiles but like I said we are also customers because if you truly love a product – of course you’ll buy it!



Katja has given me a discount code to offer anyone wanted to try her DIY products for the first time. MISSTRILLY gives you 5% off your first order or there’s an affiliate link – which also gives you 5% off your orders.

I also have a $50 Vinyl Home voucher to giveaway over on my Facebook page.

Mel x

Lilliputt Fun Zone


Jase and I love a good family date night with the girls and sometimes on a Friday night we want just that. Dinner out, a couple of drinks for us and then some family fun with the kids for them.

Our girls have reached an age now where a trip out entertaining them requires more than a trip to Lollipops – bless Lollipops as the rainy day saver of years gone by but I’m pretty glad we’ve moved on.

We are regulars at 10 pin bowling and there’s only so many kids movies I can sit through, we need something NEW! So we were super excited to be invited to check out the new Lilliput Funzone in Hamilton. Most people will know Lilliputt for it’s fabulous indoor mini putt golf course, it has three! But what a lot of people won’t know is that Lilliputt has had an expansion and make over, and now offers not only mini putt but also laser tag and the very new VR (Virtual Reality) experience.

We let the kids choose what we hit first and headed into the Laser Tag arena. Jase had never played Laser Tag before so it was new for most of us. The girls were immediately thrilled with the neon lights amongst the darkness and paid close attention to the safety video. We played a teams match first and it was Jase and I versus Miss & Trilly, I don’t mean to brag but we totally nailed them. Hah! We also gave the every man for themselves scenario a go and I think we could have left after just that and called it a fab night. Girls loved it, we had a great time – everyone wins!

If you are apprehensive about the whole VR thing like I was then you have to give it go. I didn’t think I’d be a fan at all and couldn’t understand the fuss but I’m converted. Lilliputt currently has 4 games available on their VR set up with many more on their way. We gave fighting Robots a run for their money and then enjoyed a family snow fight. It was a bit of giggle to watch people do it because you can’t see what they see but it’s too fun too worry about how you look to the ‘outside’ world. The girls talked about it all the way home.

Finishing our night with a putt around the ever popular mini golf course was perfect. Just what we needed to slow down and cool off. The other two activities definitely raise the heart rate and are a super fun work out, bonus. All up we spent over two hours there and had the best family date night in a long time, the girls are asking when we can go back already and we will definitely be heading back to kill some rainy days in the future.

Lilliputt also offers two party rooms for booking, a lounge area with board games for sale and an arcade area.

If you’re looking for somewhere new to go for date night, with the kids or not, I highly recommend a visit to Lilliputt Funzone and having a play yourself! Ask for Kenny and you will be well looked after.

M x


Lilliputt Funzone is located on Level 1, Centre Place, 65 Bryce Street, Hamilton.

Ph. 07 834 0578

Fiji | Twenty Seventeen

‘Good things come to those who wait’

That’s what we have been telling Miss for 5 years about going to Fiji. Her obsession started when Jase and I went to Fiji without her those 5 years ago.

We did take the girls to Australia in 2014 so it wasn’t her first ‘big’ trip but bless her patience and her Fiji dreams, she finally got there.

We stayed 7 nights at The Warwick Resort on the Coral Coast. I googled the crap out of it and took on people’s advice and recommendations before booking it after previously staying at The Sofitel on Denarau. I needed something slightly more affordable than our previous stay due to doubling our numbers and taking the girls with us. I also wanted somewhere with easy access to a fab beach as well as the resort facilities, which the Denarau resorts do lack.

We had a fantastic holiday! Weather wasn’t a complete 8 days of tropical paradise but the rain didn’t really put us off. Kids were busy getting wet swimming anyway. I do have a wee bit of feedback on our resort pick that others may want to take into consideration as follows.

The Warwick is a beautiful well presented resort. The rooms while cozy are sufficiently comfortable. Our room had a queen bed and two singles. We were an ocean view room that conveniently opened out to the family pool. The bathrooms have been well used and while clean are a little run down but that didn’t bother us at all. The restaurant options (there’s 3 plus the buffet and room service in the evening. Also a grill restaurant by the pool is available during the day) are well catered for and the standard of food was great. The breakfast buffet was amazing! The kids eat free deal includes a kids buffet lunch and while the combinations were sometimes interesting the girls always ate and did not really complain at all. Being able to feed them from the buffet at night was fantastic as the options were vast and we would usually have dinner later after dropping them at the evening kids club session. Kids Club was fantastic! Our girls did not spend every day there but liked to read the days session in the morning and chose what they’d like to attend, the kids kitchen session being a highlight. Trilly also won the disco dance off which had her floating on air for a couple of days.

Fiji is known for the friendliness of the people and unfortunately we didn’t always feel that at The Warwick. The staff were very quiet and didn’t really engage in anything extra. No offers for drinks by the pool or extra conversation while waiting for your orders. Miss cut her foot and needed it cleaned up and the lady did an amazing job but never actually spoke a word to us. I did miss the friendliness of previous trips.

Alcohol prices were taking the piss! Our friend ordered a double Baileys on the rocks and was stung $48FJD, while his wife’s single shot Barcardi was $23FJD. Even a can of coke was $8FJD! It was the talk of the pool how ludicrous the prices were but you either sucked it up or didn’t drink. Jase and I grabbed some duty free on our way in so I hit up the mocktail list at a more affordable $12FJD and went back to our room to add my poison. (Lucky our room was right by the pool! hah!).

If you walk down the beach just passed the resort you will find some local ladies running ‘shops’. They sold big bottles of coke for $7FJD so Jase headed there for his bourbon mixer. Wander another 100m or so further down and Maggie’s Grocery Shop will hook you up cans or stubbies of beer for half the resort prices. Worth the walk. The local ladies also braided the kids hair for a more affordable price. Just be aware they’ll try to sell you anything and everything.

The travel time to The Warwick is another 2hrs from the airport. The transfer bus is pretty comfortable but it does make for a long trip for younger kids. The trip did allow the kids to experience a bit of culture shock as they saw how locals live and how different it is to home. We also unfortunately never saw any of the cultural shows they offered due to the rainy weather.

The water equipment available was perfect. It was nice to be able to take the kids kayaking or have them give paddle boarding a go. The snorkel equipment was sufficient and easily available. Life jackets are well loved but there are enough to go round and do the job fine. The family pool (there’s also an adults only pool) has the addition of the swim up bar and the kids spent the days going from beach to pool and back again. I honestly wish people wouldn’t put their towels on a lounger at the ass crack of dawn and then not come back to it for hours though. We just placed their towels to the side if they hadn’t been there for more than an hour and took their seats. Sharing is caring and all that!

We did take the kids on a village culture tour and snorkelling trip to Robinson Crusoe Island (we went on the Village and Crab Catching Tour) and recommend the day out. The guides were amazing and Trilly won the crab race which was a bit of a laugh. It was a great way to spend a day and while Jase and Miss went out snorkelling near the reef Trilly and I went swimming. The fish you can see straight off the beach are amazing and Trilly loved being able to swim with them.

We flew Fiji Airways for the first time and have no complaints. We would definitely fly with them again, especially for affordability.

We had a great holiday! The girls want to go back already, of course, but if I’m being completely honest I’m not sure if I’d stay at The Warwick again. Not because it was awful (it’s definitely not) but because there are so many similar resorts that it’s nice to try new ones. We also think we would spend a bit more and venture to one of the other islands, or even back to Denerau.

Huge Thanks to Lisa from Mondo Travel Waikato for being amazing! I’ve never used a travel broker before but now I don’t think I’ll travel without Lisa’s help.

Mel x

PS. We actually think we may do Bali next! Or plan a mega trip instead.


Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. Your experiences may be different to mine and that’s fine. Just an honest reflection on our trip.


Brow Game Strong – Feather Touch Brow Design By Katrina Williams

Last Tuesday I visited Kat from Katrina Williams Feather Touch Brow Design at her clinic to have my brows micro-bladed which is essentially tattooed. A blade of sorts is used and pigment is added into the skin. It is called semi-permanent and my understanding is it will grow and fade out over time requiring another touch up session eventually.

Many people have asked about the process since I mentioned I had had the procedure done so I’ve got pictures and a run down coming right up!

When I first arrived Kat sat me down and talked me through the process, from how she decides the brown shape and colour right down to how the actual blading works. Any questions I had she answered. She explained how she photographs your brows lying down with your eyes shut to show the symmetry because your face changes and moves with your eyes open and normal facial movement. She also told me not everyone is a good match for micro-blading and there is a few criteria that means it may not be the best option for you because of this you are required to fill in a medical form before your session. I liked that Kat was more focused on whether it was a fit for my skin than whether she went through with the session and she told me she has had to turn people away because it would not have been professional to proceed.

The Process: Before, Design drafted, During, Straight after.
The brow design is very scientific, you can’t just show her a pinterest pic and expect to get it. Your natural face and brow shape needs to be carefully looked at and there are mini callipers involved, multiple measurements and numerous photos taken to ensure perfection. If there is one thing you can count on it is that Kat will never give anything more than her perfect best. If Kat is unhappy with anything she will not commit to it and will not let you either. Trust her with your colour choice, despite what colour you currently fill your brows in with Kat is working with your natural face and the brows looking natural is her biggest concern.

I did get to look at some of her starting patterns incase one of them appealed more to me than another for the beginning inner edge of my brows but I can honestly say I’ve never studied brows enough to realise peoples are different! I entrusted Kat with this decision wholeheartedly.

Kat DOES NOT use anaesthetic cream for the first blade strokes of your brows. You heard me, no numbing cream for the start. It is not horrendously painful but it also not a tickle. I rated it about a 5/10. When I asked Kat why she doesn’t numb the area like some others she told me that the anaesthetic cream can cause the area to swell and this means the blade strokes would not be as fine as they could be. Made sense. The finer the strokes the more hair like they appear because hair is very fine, right. It’s hard to describe how the blading feels, it sort of feels exactly how it sounds, like a blade. A stroke doesn’t take long and I can compare it to how it feels when you have your brows waxed and they pull it off. After the initial strokes Kat will apply the cream and you will not feel the rest of the filling in. It is completely painless.

Side note, my right brow seems to be a cluster of nerve endings that meant I sneezed with every stroke! Kat told me that isn’t uncommon which made me feel a wee bit better about the fact she had to stop in-between every stroke to allow me to sneeze! My right brow was also a touch more sensitive than my left meaning I felt the strokes a bit more before the area was numbed.

Kat is pedantic in her after care. The healing process has to be looked after. She sends you on your way with a tiny pot of aftercare cream and a sheet of instructions. She also handily includes a picture guide of what you can expect during the process which is handy when your brows start to get patchy and flake, and you have to double think what you’ve done to your face! She talks you through the importance of a finishing session and warns you of how your brows will change as they heal.

I am a week post session now and I *think* my brows are settling down again. I love them and definitely don’t regret the process so far.

3 days post – 5 days post and the peeling flaky stage – 7 days post

Kat works from her clinic – Porcelain Beauty – located in Morrinsville, and can be found on Facebook and Instagram. You can also contact her via call or text 0220693390.

Sessions start at $299 each and you will need at least two.

I will update my final session and healing once done in a month or so.

Mel x



Capsule Wardrobe: My Girls Mix ‘n’ Match Picks for Autumn + GIVEAWAY

The internet tells me the definition of a Capsule Wardrobe is as follows;

‘….a capsule wardrobe is a collection of a few essential items of clothing that don’t go out of fashion, such as skirts, trousers, and coats, which can then be augmented with seasonal pieces.’

I am seeing talks and discussions about capsule wardrobes and minimizing our lives in general all over social media at the moment. There are groups dedicated to the movement of minimalism. They offer insight and advice about thinking more about what we add to our lives and wardrobes, about buying less, and planning our purchases rather than buying impulsively.

A Capsule Wardrobe to me as an adult is about clothes in colours that compliment my complexion, flatter my body shape, work in with the ‘on trend’ pieces I will buy and only wear for a season but most importantly pieces I love and will continue to reach for year after year.

For my girls a Capsule Wardrobe is more basic. Long sleeves and pants for the cooler months, shorts and tees for the warmer months, a special occasion dress, a warm jacket for winter and a light cardi for summer nights etc. I don’t mind if they are ‘on trend’ or ‘classic’ because by next year we need to start again in new sizes anyway but for that reason alone I need the options to be affordable. I just want my girls to put on their clothing and love them. I want them to put them on and be confident. I want them to wear them and be happy.

I am far past the stage of laying my children’s clothes out for them the night before, they probably wouldn’t wear my choices anyway! My girls are at an age where what they choose to wear is a part of their personality. A way they display themselves to the world and let their inner selves shine through.  I love how they are both so different yet so determined in their style so with my list of capsule basics, they refilled their Autumn wardrobe their way!


Long Pants (Skinny Slash Jeans $19)-Tick!  Tran-seasonal Cardi ( Longline Knit Hoodie Cardigan $25)-Tick!



I’m an absolute sucker for a little Matchy Matchy and a snuggly hoodie is a wardrobe must for my two. Miss wears Pull Over Hoodie Grey Marle (8-16) $15 and Skinny Slash Jeans. Trilly wears Pull Over Hoodie Light Grey (3-7) $12 and 7/8 All Over Print Leggings Light Pink $8


Trilly is all about pink and unicorns so when she saw these it was love at first sight. Ticking my boxes for cozy pants (All Over Print Jogger Fit Trackpants Light Pink $12) and long sleeve (Long Sleeve Front Print Tee $5).


Fun Long Sleeve Tees and Jeans are their go to for cooler months as well as mine! Trilly wears Long Sleeve Front Print Tee $5 and Boyfriend Patch Jeans $15. Miss wears Long Sleeve Front Print Tee $6 and Stretch Jeggings with Pocket $17.

2Hello Throwback to my childhood! Miss wears it with more spunk than I ever did though. Maybe she’ll start collecting iron on patches like I did? She definitely loves this get up! Jeans: Skinny Badge Jeans $25 Tee: Crew Neck Badge Tee $15.


And, I may have slipped in a little something for me because it ticked my points too.


‘Mum Uniform’ on point! I’m a big blush pink fan and adore a comfy yet cute pair of flats. Jeans: Amco Women’s Plain Skinny Jeans $25 Knit: Garage Lace Up Back Jumper $25 Flats: Debut Enzoi Ballet Flats $25.

* ENTER TO WIN*: All parents can appreciate a little extra so simply let me know below what you’d put a $50 The Warehouse voucher towards and it could be all yours! 

This post has been sponsored by The Warehouse. All opinions are my own.

Our Affordable Fashion Finds For Girls This Summer


If you have been following us for a while you will know that the struggle to dress my girls is real! I want affordable. I want age appropriate. I want my girls to feel good and explore their own sense of style but I want to be comfortable with their choices. Now Summer is just around the corner and with two kids that grow like a couple of weeds we decided to check out The Warehouse to see what they had on fashionable offer for the warmer months.

I can never argue with The Warehouse’s price and you can always guarantee you are going to get more bang for your buck. The Warehouse has always been my go to for the basics but more recently the girls have been spotting more and more things that they adore so for this trip I let them go for it, with the odd bit of guidance size wise and a bit of shoe direction from my Mum the clothing choices were all them.


The old faithful denim and tee: My girls spend most of their summer in shorts and tee’s. It’s their go to. Comfortable and easy to run around in. Miss beelined it straight to the denim cutoffs and settled on the cute lace trimmed pair and the cool black acid wash pair, paired with some breezy tank tees she’s good to go.

Trilly decided on a pink rolled cuff pair and some cute black ones with embroidery detail. A twin pair of tank tees and an adorable tee will see her set for the basics.


The floaty summer dress: Both my girls love a good dress but if it doesn’t spin it must float. These floaty chiffon dresses are perfect and the asymmetrical hemline is a favourite with my two.


The mini fashionista: Miss has her own idea of style. She’s not a little girl anymore but she’s not quite a ‘big girl’ either, she’s in between. I love that she chose this striped midi dress and chose to team it with this super cute lace crop top which to me makes it a stylish and appropriate outfit for her age.


The Sandal not Jandal: It has the slip on ease of a jandal but a bit more dressy. It’s easy to wear and perfectly on trend. A bargain at $10 these are a new go to and came in both the girls sizes.

A haul this size has Miss & Trilly’s summer wardrobe in a really good place and my wallet couldn’t be happier with the price. I don’t think it has to be expensive to dress our kids well we just have to be smart about it. All items pictured are from The Warehouse, where possible I have included the online links otherwise you can find them in stores today.


This post has been sponsored by The Warehouse. All opinions are my own.

Interview With George Henry Clothing


You know when you’re at school and the kid beside you has a pencil case with their name printed on? Or there’s the girl who just got her first car and her key ring has her name printed on it? Lucky for me I could buy the pencil case or the key ring no problem, my girls however may not. As is the ‘curse’ of the less common names.

And that’s where George Henry Clothing comes in. George Henry Clothing specialise in monogram custom made clothing for kids and adults so no one will miss out. It’s as easy as a visit to their website and picking out the letter you’re after. Offering tees, hoodies, sweatshirts and much more the hardest part is deciding what to buy first. George Henry Clothing popped up on my Instagram months ago and have been on my wish list since.

We were lucky enough to receive a sneak peak of the long sleeve tee’s available for winter and after a wee test run on a Saturday I was more than impressed. The girls both loved the comfortable fit and longer length meaning they weren’t tugging them down. They are made from 100% cotton and the weight is perfect heading into the cooler months. We have the black colour and they have washed up well with no run and ready to be worn again and again.

Jana is the lovely lady behind the business based in Wellington and with her new winter threads dropping recently I nabbed a bit of her time to ‘chat’ about George Henry the business, the lady and plans for the future.

Miss & Trilly rocking their George Henry tees


Everyone loves to know the story behind the name. Is there a reason behind yours?

My company is named George Henry after my brother its a nickname my mum gave him as a kid. I’m all about family so I wanted my company to have a name that is close to me and my family.

What is your inspiration behind the business?

My son is who inspired me to start GH. When he was turning 2 last year in April I wanted a birthday outfit for him that was original and had style. I printed him a H sweatshirt and tee, all our friends asked where the tops were from and when I said I had made them, they all loved the idea of custom making monogrammed tops and the orders started flooding in. I’ve always wanted to have my own business so I thought what the hell I’ll give it a crack and it seems to be working so far and I’m totally loving being my own boss.

What is your background before launching George Henry Clothing?

I had been working in the fitness industry for 11.5 years as a Club Manager and National Customer Service Manager for Habit Health and Fitness which I just finished up at the end of 2015 to give GH a good crack.

I’m also a part time photographer which I still do on the side with GH.

If you weren’t doing this right now, what would you be doing instead?

I would be doing Photography full-time. I love working with people and I’m obsessed with taking photos. But GH allows me to do this on the side which is pretty sweat deal.

What tips can you offer to anyone considering launching their own business?

  • Do your research
  • Don’t be put off by one persons opinion.
  • All advice is good advice but take it with a grain of salt.
  • Will you be passionate about what you are doing in 6 – 12months even 5 years later.

Business life and home life can be a juggling act, how do you take time to relax?

I do cross fit 3 times a week but I wouldn’t say that’s relaxing but I do love it and its part of my “Me time” but taking time out to relax would be dinner and drinks with the girls or a girly spa date.

Where do you see George Henry in 5 years time?

I hope the GH has grown into a successful business with lots of new products and exciting things for all ages. I love the adventure I’m on at the moment so lets hope the next five years is as fun.

Find us on Instagram for a chance to win your own piece of George Henry.


George Henry Clothing can be found on Facebook, Instagram and their Website.

Mel x

REVIEW – The Beauty Therapy Cabin

I was recently invited to experience the Tailor Holistic Facial at The Beauty Therapy Cabin run by Janice. This facial was kicked off with a relaxing back, neck and shoulder massage and before I get into too much detail on the experience I’d like to point out that I had never had a massage or facial before. To be honest, I was almost hesitant. I have this weird aversion to trusting a stranger to touch me so a massage has never enticed me at all. I’d also like to add, I am now a massage/facial convert.


Janice and The Beauty Therapy Cabin

Janice is an Internationally Qualified Beauty Therapist and has 14 years’ experience under her belt. While in her lush wee cabin of relaxation I also notice she has a certificate that proudly states her as the People’s choice Beauty Therapist of the year by Tempo Magazine. She’s worked in some of the top Day Spas in Sydney, Gold Coast and Hamilton.

‘ I find my job very rewarding, the fact I make people feel more beautiful, more relaxed, less stressed and enjoying their “time out” from busy lives. Sometimes it doesn’t even feel like work.’

6 years ago she took the plunge of self-employment and started off in the spare bedroom at home before her fiancé built her lush wee cabin, and The Beauty Therapy Cabin was born. Priding herself on her high standard of working and delivering on a luxurious experience, Janice has clients that travel as far as Auckland to visit her.


Tailor products as featured on their website

The Tailor Holistic Facial

Price $65
This 45 minute facial begins with a relaxing back, neck and shoulder massage with a beautiful blend of essential oils to give you a sense of calmness and well being. You will then drift into the facial treatment which includes cleansing, exfoliation, mask and scalp massage before finishing with serum and cream.

The facial focuses on

  • Reconditioning
  • Revitalising
  • Renewing
  • Detoxifying
  • Anti-aging
  • Hydration
  • Purification of the skin

Relaxation of the mind, body and soul

Daily stress often results in tension build-up in the muscles. Foreheads furrow and lines form between the brows and along the lip line. Gentle, routine facial massage can help relax these tight and drawn muscles, decreasing the lines that they form.

Massaging the face stimulates the lymphatic vessels and facilitates toxin elimination from the facial area. The lymphatic system plays a key role in health. Lymph is a clear fluid that removes toxins from the body. It’s filtered through the lymph nodes and moves into the bloodstream, where toxins can be eliminated. Muscle movement is needed to push lymph fluid through the body. A lack of movement can result in a sluggish lymphatic system and a buildup of toxins. Many lymph nodes are scattered throughout the facial area, especially along the edge of chin and jawline. Massage also decreases anxiety and can improve a negative mood and reduce stress.


The Beauty Therapy Cabin

My Experience

My first impression of Janice is that she was kind, welcoming and accommodating. It is obvious that she takes pride in making people feel comfortable and despite my massage inexperience and minor hesitance she was quick to put me at ease. Her cabin is beautiful. It is cosy and inviting. It has a sense of calmness and once inside the outside world slipped peacefully away. I took time out. I turned my phone off. It was all about me and guess what! It was amazing and despite my lack of presence in the outside world nothing catastrophic happened.

The starting massage was just what I needed to relax and clear my mind of thoughts, so good at one point I thought I was going to fall asleep. Lucky for me it was time to turn over for the facial part so I saved myself the embarrassment of snoring. The facial itself had me wondering why I’d never done it before, I will never be able to do my face justice by myself again. As someone with extremely dry and sensitive skin I was pleased to find the products used soothing and did not experience any redness or adverse effects something unusual for me. A bonus is that Janice sells the Tailor products right there in the Cabin so taking it home with you to continue using is an easy option.
I may not have actually looked 10 years younger at the end but I sure felt it. A lot can be said about allowing yourself the time to be completely calm and relaxed. Would I recommend this experience to someone? YES! Would I recommend Janice and The Beauty Therapy Cabin to people? YES! Would I drive the 40 minutes back there to have this experience again? YES!


Visit my Facebook page to win your own Tailor Facial at The Beauty Therapy Cabin

About Tailor Products

Tailor has Three Founding Principals as follows;

  • Ingredients: Ingredient quality will be held as our top priority. Tailor Skincare formulas will be made with natural ingredients for healthy looking skin. Ingredients will be sourced locally where possible and from suppliers with fair working conditions when sourced further afield. Tailor Skincare will ensure every single batch is made at a high quality manufacturing standard.
  • Earth: Tailor will strive to make environmentally responsible business decisions. Packaging materials will be recycled, recyclable or reusable. All online orders will be sent out in recycled cardboard packages and boxes. Ingredients will be sourced from local suppliers where possible.
  • Animals: No animals will be harmed in the making of Tailor Skincare products. Tailor products will only be tested on humans. Tailor will only use vegan ingredients, with the exception of locally sourced bees wax.

The Tailor Products used in the facial includes the Oil Cleanse, Dry Cleanse, Masque, Mist, Serum, Moisture or Hydration.

More information on the products can be found of the Tailor website.

Contact Details:

The Beauty Therapy Cabin can be found on Facebook, Instagram and Janice’s Website.


Mel x

Introducing Love From Seventeen + GIVEAWAY


I discovered Love From Seventeen almost 12 months ago via their Instagram feed. I was drawn to the simplistic and beautifully crafted home décor pieces they offered and was even more excited when I discovered this to be a homegrown business. Supporting NZ business is always something I will do when possible and supporting Love From Seventeen is too easy when the product is so easy to love.

The affordability of their pieces means that everyone can have a little piece of the latest Scandi inspired plywood trend in their homes. My house is by no means ‘Scandi’ but that doesn’t mean a Love From Seventeen piece isn’t right at home in it. I had the idea of the one off following pieces that we are giving away and Kylie was a dream in making them reality but before we get to the giveaway part I’d love to introduce Kylie in her own words. She has also politely answered my questions that may be of some interest to anyone else considering turning their ideas into a business.

Name Flags by Love From Seventeen

What is your background before launching Love From Seventeen?
Not much has changed since before LF17 except that I very quickly became insanely busy 24/7, but I still work part time as Office Manager in the family company. I love my day job to bits and feel pretty blessed that I get to do both things I love, plus be Mum & Wife to best wee crew I could have ever asked for.  So before LF17 I watched a lot more Netflix I guess you could say haha. Oh and had a lot less style, Instagram is amazing! And by trade I’m actually a qualified Journalist!

Everyone loves to know the story behind the name. Is there a reason behind yours? It actually came to me really quickly when I was playing with words, both girls were born on the seventeenth and it’s my love for them that got me off my butt to do this and there it was: Love from Seventeen. 

Where does you inspiration come from? My inspiration comes from everywhere, I sleep with a notepad next to my bed as the best ideas always hit me just before I’m going to sleep and my minds going a million miles a minute, usually it’s some sort saying that I’ve fallen in love with, or a hole on my wall at home that needs something on lol. Sometimes even custom work from customers get the mind going too!

It is a competitive market that you’re in, how do you strive for originality and stay ahead? I have learnt very very quickly since starting that you can’t compete with anyone but yourself, do yourself, do what you love and do it bloody good. Each and everyone of my beautiful customers help to build this wee pipe dream and keep it real; if they keep coming back I must be doing something right haha. I honestly hope I’m doing this forever, I am having the best time and meeting the most incredible people X did I actually even answer that question? To be honest I’m just me! 


Cake Topper and Wand by Love From Seventeen

If you could offer any tips and advice to anyone considering launching their own business, what would they be? If you’re thinking/planning/dreaming of starting your own business – just DO it! Do your research etc and get yourself set up, but most importantly just be you. I asked so many questions starting up and approached quite a few big Insta names in NZ to help me get my feet off the ground and while a lot never even replied, those that did have helped get me to where I am today and some I even call friends now! There is so many gorgeous and down to earth mummy makers out here that are willing to give a helping hand, so just start, make it happen!

Business life and home life can be a juggling act, how do you take time to relax? My husband quite often tells me I don’t know how to relax, I’m always doing something but I love wine, and putting my feet up watching crap I’ve mysky’d (in peace too please). And online shopping is also strangely relaxing haha.
Social media preference, Instagram or Facebook, and why? Hmmmmmm, Facebook vs. Insta. Facebook is so, so hard at times to get your posts actually seen, yet is a lot easier way to grow your following from a business perspective, but Insta just seems easier, and I love scrolling through photos! You also kind of have a small window for your post to be seen before it’s lost in a feed. So, 50/50.
Lastly, where do you hope to see Love From Seventeen in 5 years time? In 5 years time I hope we’ve grown, new designs and new adventures and just still enjoying it! I don’t really know where it’ll be and I kinda love that! 


Custom made name piece by Love From Seventeen

Love From Seventeen can be found on Facebook, Instagram and their Website.


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Mel x
UPDATE: Giveaway closed. 




Introducing Hart By Hayley + FREE PRINTS

hart by hayley

I get these ideas sometimes and I just have to make them happen so I throw the idea out there and pray that someone else sees it like I do. This time my call was answered by the fabulous Hayley from Hart By Hayley and together we created a gorgeous and inspiring piece of art for any girl’s bedroom.

Before we get to where you can download this art for free let me introduce you to the fabulous Hayley and her amazing skill set in her own words.

A gorgeous example of photo work from Hart by Hayley


Tell us about you and what Hart by Hayley has to offer.

I’m a photo retoucher for over 8 years now, and it’s something I love doing so I’m always looking for ways to turn photos into art. I offer custom made prints and photo art (collages and enchanted fairy art as some examples) and have recently started advertising my photo retouching services.

What are your favorite projects to work on and what or who inspires you?

I love working with colour and nature photos – that’s generally what inspires me, I see some trees or flowers and the lighting is really pretty so I take a photo and then turn that into a colourful art print. I also get great satisfaction working with customers favourite photos and turning them into really special, unique pieces of art. The memories behind each photo creates a really meaningful piece for them, and I love knowing I helped create that.
You’re a mum too and we all know the juggle. How do you balance things?
Hmmm yes balance haha… at the moment it’s tricky as my 2.5yr old hasn’t been in day care so I have had to steal a few moments during the day (thanks Peppa Pig 😉 ) and then do the majority of work at night once she’s in bed. But this year she will be going into day care and I will be returning to the work force more full time (I currently only work 1 day) so I hope to use some time while she’s in day care, but I think I’ll still work at night as I tend to be more proactive then anyway! It’s certainly not easy to have your own business and be a mum (and I only have the 1!) but like all the other clever business mums I know, we make it work because it makes us happy and it’s something for ‘us’.
Is there a story behind the name?
Yes the H-art comes from ‘art from the heart’ and also Hayley art, so it became Hart by Hayley.
It’s the start of a new year, what do you hope for Hart by Hayley?
I hope to do more photo art and photo retouching this year – for businesses and personal. It’s what I really love to do and hopefully I will make sure I still fit it in, even when I’m working again. I will be stepping away from creating more prints and my alphabet book/posters although they can still hang out in the background if anyone wants them 😉
Fantasy photo retouching from Hart by Hayley


Hart by Hayley can be found on her Facebook page, website and instagram page.


Now to the FREEBIE! Our gorgeous Be Pretty collab print is available below and in four different colour ways. You can choose from Blue, Pinks, Rainbow or Greys OR you can even download all four. They are A4 size and look gorgeous framed. Just click on the colour below the picture.


I hope you enjoy them as much as we did creating them.


Mel x

bluebepretty   rainbowbepretty untitled

blue                                                              rainbow                                         pink



BUT WAIT! There’s more! After much thought today Hayley and I decided it wouldn’t be cool for the boys to miss out right! So we got together, I did some thinking, Hayley did some designing and I present the ‘Be Cool’ print.

A4 in size and FREE to download of course! Three colours to choose from – Mint, Navy and Black. Just click the colour below and you’re good to go.

becoolmono becoolgreen becoolblue

black                                               mint                                              navy