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DIY Bathroom Makeover With Vinyl Home

When Katja from Vinyl Home asked if we’d be interested in a collab featuring her products I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I had already spotted her new pink Metro Ava tile and after recently lusting over pink bath tubs I knew exactly where I’d use them. I was going to transform the girls bathroom, with the help of Jase, of course.

Before: The girls bathroom

We have previously bought and used the hex vinyl tiles from Vinyl Home in Poppy our caravan so we knew the product well and we plan to use them again in Lola (our new caravan project) – that’s how much we love them.

Hexagon Vinyl Tiles in Poppy the Caravan.

The vinyl tiles are one of the easiest DIY products we’ve come across. Super easy to apply and completely removable making them a great idea for those on trend ideas that you just have to try. A pink bath may not be my dream tub forever after all. They are a perfect option for renters wanting to put their own stamp on a place too.

The tiles require minimal tools to install and the biggest tip I have is the old ‘measure twice, cut once.’ It’s a bit like a jigsaw puzzle fitting the tile sheets together so you want to waste as little as possible. The inbuilt overlap section makes the tiles a breeze to line up. You can’t really go wrong!

The overlap section of the tiles that makes lining up each sheet a breeze
Tools required. I’d also recommend a board to cut on. We used a thick chopping board (not pictured)

We used 3x 12packs for our bath and it only took us a couple of hours but the difference in the girls bathroom is huge! Nothing like some colour to transform a room!

This is a collab post, we were gifted the Vinyl Tiles but like I said we are also customers because if you truly love a product – of course you’ll buy it!



Katja has given me a discount code to offer anyone wanted to try her DIY products for the first time. MISSTRILLY gives you 5% off your first order or there’s an affiliate link – which also gives you 5% off your orders.

I also have a $50 Vinyl Home voucher to giveaway over on my Facebook page.

Mel x

How To Make Your Own Canopy In 10 Minutes


Ever since I posted a picture of Miss’s room a few people asked where the canopy over her bed was from and since I made it myself I promised an easy tutorial on how you can too, and it honestly takes 10 minutes.

You will need a sheer curtain, Pom Pom trim (4m / optional), a length of dowel and rope to hang


I used this sheer curtain from The Warehouse. I find the size works well and you would not want to use one any smaller as you will be halving the width of it. My Pom Pom trim is from NZ Craft Products online and you don’t have to add a trim but I’m a fancy tart so I like the little extra detail. I chose hemp rope for hanging which I found at Bunnings (in the plumbing section). You will need a length of 20-25mm dowel depending on the pocket of your canopy. I bought a whole length and cut it to size, mine is 68cm long.


You will also need a sewing machine and white cotton.

Sew along the arrows to create your pocket

To start remove tags from curtain! Then fold your curtain in half width wise. Your curtain tape will still be at the top and your hem is already done for you at the bottom. Straight stitch along the top and bottom of the curtain tape (see arrows) to create your pocket to hang your canopy.

Snip a hole at the fold

You need to snip a hole at the fold to allow your dowel to thread through. Don’t worry about the untidiness, no one will see it. Snip between the two line of straight stitch, careful not to snip your stitching.

You could skip the next step of adding the trim and finish off your canopy here if you like, just skip to the end steps.

Add your chosen trim, mine is Pom poms, along the open edges of the canopy. Make sure you don’t stitch your pocket closed!

Thread your canopy onto the dowel through the pocket. Evenly space out the gathering and attach your rope or ribbon to hang.


I have added a custom made feather mobile from OOAK Designs NZ and some seed lights from Kmart to Miss’s.

An Afternoon With Clever Poppy

Clever Poppy's DIY Watercolour Print Kit
Clever Poppy’s DIY Watercolour Print Kit
The girls and I recently discovered Clever Poppy and her world of DIY Kits. We were lucky enough to get our hands on one of the DIY Watercolour Print Kits to try out and it has been a perfect holiday activity.

The DIY Watercolour Print Kit comes with enough supplies to do all the 5 included designs and a wooden hanger to show off your favourite piece of art at the end. I plan to use the hanger for one piece but I love the girl’s pieces so much we are going to frame them for their bedrooms. You can purchase your own kit here.

The Clever Poppy range also includes hand-painted baskets, cups and an amazing copper magazine rack. All gorgeous and all with the satisfaction of doing it yourself!

The Watercolour kit is a great activity to do with your children and although it’s easy enough, some of the steps require some adult help.

I helped the girls by assisting with tracing their chosen print and then I did the white out liquid on the lettering and they took over with the outside of their chosen heart shapes. The watercolour part was all them! SO easy and so fun for them to create their own pieces. The end result is two great watercolour pieces for their rooms that showcase their skills.

The DIY kit concept is something I hadn’t seen before coming across Clever Poppy and I am so glad I did. I can’t wait to try out some more of her projects, I think the magazine rack has my name on it!

See our pictures below. You can also follow Clever Poppy on Facebook and Instagram.

Mel x



mtcp mtccpfinal

How To Distress Your Jeans

I love the distressed/shredded jean look. I do not love the ones so shredded there isn’t much jeans left and I do not like the mostly hefty price tags for a pair of ripped jeans.


I distressed the above pair of jeans about 6 months ago and have been getting asked where I bought them from ever since. Since you obviously cant purchase my DIY faves in any shop I thought a tutorial on how to do your own would be the way to go. So grab a pair of your jeans out of your wardrobe now and keep reading.

What you'll need
What you’ll need

Other than a pair of Jeans you will need some scissors, some tailors chalk (or anything to mark out your rips) and a pair of tweezers.

I am using a pair of white jeans I bought on a whim for $20. Truth is I’m not really a white jeans person but know with a bit of distressing they will become more wearable in my wardrobe.

Step One
Step One

Step One: With your jeans on use the tailors chalk to mark out your distressing/shred guidelines. You can go shred crazy or you can keep it light with a couple of patches. With this pair I have chosen a few places to distress/shred and decided to slash both knees.

Distress/shreds marked out
Distress/shreds marked out

Step Two: Take your scissors and cut across your mark lines. Leave about 1.5cm between cuts. As seen below.

Step Two
Step Two

Step Three: Using your tweezers you now need to go through and carefully pull the vertical thread out of each cut. If your jeans have stretch it is easiest to keep the fabric tight as you remove the threads. The vertical thread will not be stretchy and should pull out easily.

Do this on all areas you have cut. It gets a bit messy with all the pieces of thread.

I decided to just cut the knees rather than distress. One simple scissor cut is enough.

Step Three
Step Three

Step four: Pop your jeans through the wash to remove the tailors chalk and give them a worn look as the wash will naturally fray the cuts you’ve made.

AND that’s it! Easy as Pie!

Final Product
Final Product

And here’s how they look on and when you only have your almost 5 year old around to take the photo!


I’d love to see how yours turn out! So if you’re on Instagram feel free to tag me @misstrilly

Have fun shredding!

Mel x