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Our Affordable Fashion Finds For Girls This Summer


If you have been following us for a while you will know that the struggle to dress my girls is real! I want affordable. I want age appropriate. I want my girls to feel good and explore their own sense of style but I want to be comfortable with their choices. Now Summer is just around the corner and with two kids that grow like a couple of weeds we decided to check out The Warehouse to see what they had on fashionable offer for the warmer months.

I can never argue with The Warehouse’s price and you can always guarantee you are going to get more bang for your buck. The Warehouse has always been my go to for the basics but more recently the girls have been spotting more and more things that they adore so for this trip I let them go for it, with the odd bit of guidance size wise and a bit of shoe direction from my Mum the clothing choices were all them.


The old faithful denim and tee: My girls spend most of their summer in shorts and tee’s. It’s their go to. Comfortable and easy to run around in. Miss beelined it straight to the denim cutoffs and settled on the cute lace trimmed pair and the cool black acid wash pair, paired with some breezy tank tees she’s good to go.

Trilly decided on a pink rolled cuff pair and some cute black ones with embroidery detail. A twin pair of tank tees and an adorable tee will see her set for the basics.


The floaty summer dress: Both my girls love a good dress but if it doesn’t spin it must float. These floaty chiffon dresses are perfect and the asymmetrical hemline is a favourite with my two.


The mini fashionista: Miss has her own idea of style. She’s not a little girl anymore but she’s not quite a ‘big girl’ either, she’s in between. I love that she chose this striped midi dress and chose to team it with this super cute lace crop top which to me makes it a stylish and appropriate outfit for her age.


The Sandal not Jandal: It has the slip on ease of a jandal but a bit more dressy. It’s easy to wear and perfectly on trend. A bargain at $10 these are a new go to and came in both the girls sizes.

A haul this size has Miss & Trilly’s summer wardrobe in a really good place and my wallet couldn’t be happier with the price. I don’t think it has to be expensive to dress our kids well we just have to be smart about it. All items pictured are from The Warehouse, where possible I have included the online links otherwise you can find them in stores today.


This post has been sponsored by The Warehouse. All opinions are my own.

Interview With George Henry Clothing


You know when you’re at school and the kid beside you has a pencil case with their name printed on? Or there’s the girl who just got her first car and her key ring has her name printed on it? Lucky for me I could buy the pencil case or the key ring no problem, my girls however may not. As is the ‘curse’ of the less common names.

And that’s where George Henry Clothing comes in. George Henry Clothing specialise in monogram custom made clothing for kids and adults so no one will miss out. It’s as easy as a visit to their website and picking out the letter you’re after. Offering tees, hoodies, sweatshirts and much more the hardest part is deciding what to buy first. George Henry Clothing popped up on my Instagram months ago and have been on my wish list since.

We were lucky enough to receive a sneak peak of the long sleeve tee’s available for winter and after a wee test run on a Saturday I was more than impressed. The girls both loved the comfortable fit and longer length meaning they weren’t tugging them down. They are made from 100% cotton and the weight is perfect heading into the cooler months. We have the black colour and they have washed up well with no run and ready to be worn again and again.

Jana is the lovely lady behind the business based in Wellington and with her new winter threads dropping recently I nabbed a bit of her time to ‘chat’ about George Henry the business, the lady and plans for the future.

Miss & Trilly rocking their George Henry tees


Everyone loves to know the story behind the name. Is there a reason behind yours?

My company is named George Henry after my brother its a nickname my mum gave him as a kid. I’m all about family so I wanted my company to have a name that is close to me and my family.

What is your inspiration behind the business?

My son is who inspired me to start GH. When he was turning 2 last year in April I wanted a birthday outfit for him that was original and had style. I printed him a H sweatshirt and tee, all our friends asked where the tops were from and when I said I had made them, they all loved the idea of custom making monogrammed tops and the orders started flooding in. I’ve always wanted to have my own business so I thought what the hell I’ll give it a crack and it seems to be working so far and I’m totally loving being my own boss.

What is your background before launching George Henry Clothing?

I had been working in the fitness industry for 11.5 years as a Club Manager and National Customer Service Manager for Habit Health and Fitness which I just finished up at the end of 2015 to give GH a good crack.

I’m also a part time photographer which I still do on the side with GH.

If you weren’t doing this right now, what would you be doing instead?

I would be doing Photography full-time. I love working with people and I’m obsessed with taking photos. But GH allows me to do this on the side which is pretty sweat deal.

What tips can you offer to anyone considering launching their own business?

  • Do your research
  • Don’t be put off by one persons opinion.
  • All advice is good advice but take it with a grain of salt.
  • Will you be passionate about what you are doing in 6 – 12months even 5 years later.

Business life and home life can be a juggling act, how do you take time to relax?

I do cross fit 3 times a week but I wouldn’t say that’s relaxing but I do love it and its part of my “Me time” but taking time out to relax would be dinner and drinks with the girls or a girly spa date.

Where do you see George Henry in 5 years time?

I hope the GH has grown into a successful business with lots of new products and exciting things for all ages. I love the adventure I’m on at the moment so lets hope the next five years is as fun.

Find us on Instagram for a chance to win your own piece of George Henry.


George Henry Clothing can be found on Facebook, Instagram and their Website.

Mel x