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Meet The Maker – Liberty Lane


Remember that time I used to make Ruffles?

When I first started sewing again I was approached by a lovely lady who offered to share my Ruffles on her blog for me. She didn’t know me but she liked my product and kindly offered to help me out as I was slowly building my name and business. That lovely lady was Rebecca and Rebecca now has an amazing business of her own called Liberty Lane making personalised fabric bracelets, and I want to return the kind favour.

Rebecca’s bracelets come in a variety of beautiful fabrics making them unique and soft to wear, especially for children. She offers the addition of sterling silver beads and personalised hearts. A unique and special piece for children and adults alike.

Rebecca has also answered a few question for me about her new business venture and if you have been a long time handcrafted fan you may remember Rebecca’s previous venture which was Millirose hair accessories. Many years ago Rebecca made some special pieces for me for Trilly’s very first birthday!


Everyone loves to know the story behind the name. Is there a reason behind yours?
The name Liberty Lane came from many hours of thought and ideas. I wanted to use the word Liberty (as this is name of the fabric range I use for my bracelets) so that was a given. We happen to live up a Lane, so I thought it was fitting to use both together.
What is your inspiration behind the business?
The main inspiration for starting my business is a combination of the love of making/designing something pretty and the love of starting something out of nothing. I really enjoy building on a small idea until it is ready to make, launch and market. I guess my friends and family would say I have an entrepreneurial spirit!  
What is your background before launching Liberty Lane?
Well, at the end of this month, I will be celebrating 10 years as a stay at home Mum. I really cannot believe it has been that long! During those 10 years, I have always had a small business to work on that is just mine. It gives me a way of using my creativity and business brain alongside enjoying bringing up my children.
If you weren’t doing this right now, what would you be doing instead?
‘Work wise’ I am actually really loving the challenge of photographing my products for EtsyFacebook and Instagram and I would be keen to explore that more.
‘Play wise’ I would be at the beach in the sun with my family!
What tips can you offer to anyone considering launching their own business?
* Research and as boring as it sounds, make a plan, that way if it gets tough you have that plan and inspiration to fall back on.
* Team up with someone who is on the same page as you are
* Only listen to those who will encourage and inspire you
Dream it, Plan it, Do it!
Business life and home life can be a juggling act, how do you take time to relax?
It sure can be a juggle! I think us Mums learn how to be very clever in our use of time. I like to be extremely organised and take moments to relax as I can. I seem to be very good at grabbing a second now and then and making the most of it. I read a lot to my kids and I find this really relaxing. I also like to fit in a run when I can as this gives me time to plan, think and de-stress.
Do you have a favourite product of your own from your range?
I have really grown to adore hand stamping and so my favourite would be the wrap bracelets with the sterling silver hand stamped hearts. I love how the hand stamping really personalises the bracelet and makes each piece special.
Where do you see Liberty Lane in 5 years time?
I would love to be still making Liberty bracelets in 5 years time. The Liberty fabric ranges are timeless and I can imagine I will be doing this for a good long while. I have a love for floral prints and sterling silver and combining the both has been my dream!
Don’t forget you can find Liberty Lane on Facebook, Etsy and Instagram.
>> G I V E A W AY <<
Head to our Facebook Page and find the picture below to enter to win your own personalised Liberty Lane Bracelet.
NB: Giveaway opened to New Zealand residents only.

Introducing Hart By Hayley + FREE PRINTS

hart by hayley

I get these ideas sometimes and I just have to make them happen so I throw the idea out there and pray that someone else sees it like I do. This time my call was answered by the fabulous Hayley from Hart By Hayley and together we created a gorgeous and inspiring piece of art for any girl’s bedroom.

Before we get to where you can download this art for free let me introduce you to the fabulous Hayley and her amazing skill set in her own words.

A gorgeous example of photo work from Hart by Hayley


Tell us about you and what Hart by Hayley has to offer.

I’m a photo retoucher for over 8 years now, and it’s something I love doing so I’m always looking for ways to turn photos into art. I offer custom made prints and photo art (collages and enchanted fairy art as some examples) and have recently started advertising my photo retouching services.

What are your favorite projects to work on and what or who inspires you?

I love working with colour and nature photos – that’s generally what inspires me, I see some trees or flowers and the lighting is really pretty so I take a photo and then turn that into a colourful art print. I also get great satisfaction working with customers favourite photos and turning them into really special, unique pieces of art. The memories behind each photo creates a really meaningful piece for them, and I love knowing I helped create that.
You’re a mum too and we all know the juggle. How do you balance things?
Hmmm yes balance haha… at the moment it’s tricky as my 2.5yr old hasn’t been in day care so I have had to steal a few moments during the day (thanks Peppa Pig 😉 ) and then do the majority of work at night once she’s in bed. But this year she will be going into day care and I will be returning to the work force more full time (I currently only work 1 day) so I hope to use some time while she’s in day care, but I think I’ll still work at night as I tend to be more proactive then anyway! It’s certainly not easy to have your own business and be a mum (and I only have the 1!) but like all the other clever business mums I know, we make it work because it makes us happy and it’s something for ‘us’.
Is there a story behind the name?
Yes the H-art comes from ‘art from the heart’ and also Hayley art, so it became Hart by Hayley.
It’s the start of a new year, what do you hope for Hart by Hayley?
I hope to do more photo art and photo retouching this year – for businesses and personal. It’s what I really love to do and hopefully I will make sure I still fit it in, even when I’m working again. I will be stepping away from creating more prints and my alphabet book/posters although they can still hang out in the background if anyone wants them 😉
Fantasy photo retouching from Hart by Hayley


Hart by Hayley can be found on her Facebook page, website and instagram page.


Now to the FREEBIE! Our gorgeous Be Pretty collab print is available below and in four different colour ways. You can choose from Blue, Pinks, Rainbow or Greys OR you can even download all four. They are A4 size and look gorgeous framed. Just click on the colour below the picture.


I hope you enjoy them as much as we did creating them.


Mel x

bluebepretty   rainbowbepretty untitled

blue                                                              rainbow                                         pink



BUT WAIT! There’s more! After much thought today Hayley and I decided it wouldn’t be cool for the boys to miss out right! So we got together, I did some thinking, Hayley did some designing and I present the ‘Be Cool’ print.

A4 in size and FREE to download of course! Three colours to choose from – Mint, Navy and Black. Just click the colour below and you’re good to go.

becoolmono becoolgreen becoolblue

black                                               mint                                              navy